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The exercises are importanc for our fitness if you want to have nice and flat looking belly. Your success to lose weight depends on the healthy diet you are consume, and your body type. The success is the best motivator to implement healthy Food and do exercises Here is the recipe: Grab fresh parsley leaves, put them in a blender, and blend them well After that, grab an lemon and squeeze it in order to get some juice, and put it in the blended parley In the end, pour 1 glass of water into the blender and blend the mix once against for 15 seconds This mixture works in few is amazing source of vitamins. Lemon will help you to burn fat and composite improves your metabolism. Take this for 5 days, every morning, on an empty stomach. make 10 days pause and if you want you can repeat the process again. Repeat this method only if you need to. OTHER HEALTHY DRINKS THAT YOU CAN TRY We will offer you some other recipes, because you cannot drink only parsley juice every day 1. Fla…